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Sound Healing


Level 1, 2 & 3 Sound Therapy Training

with Marko Zigon.

At Highland Yoga Collective - Nairn

MAY 12, 13 & 14th

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Sound is an omnipresent phenomenon, … it’s all around us, is inside us, affecting us in all dimensions and aspects.… Sound is us! And we are sound!


This course includes all the crucial aspects (not only one ex. Himalayan singing bowls training) but rather an "integral" 360 degrees’ approach.


Topics covered are conveyed in a comprehensive (practically supported way) in a total of 48 chapters. Covering all the major sound healing tools families: Tuning Forks, Himalayan singing bowls, Crystal singing bowls, Gongs and other sound therapy tools... the participants will have a chance to experience many tools and protocols.


There are 3 levels of training

15% Off All Items

LEVEL 1 | BASIC | Setting solid foundations:

Understanding the properties of sound, the participants will be getting familiar with sonic tools and learn protocols for 1 on 1 private sessions.

[01| What is sound healing?

|02| Sound as engine of creation

|03| Sound sources, frequency and matter

|04| The Human Ear (Aural vs. Tactile perception)

|05| Cultures of the world (Sound In History)

|06| Sound therapy effects

|07| The importance of flow

|08| Chakras and meridians

|09| Sound Vs. Music…

|10| Physical & Metaphysical Approach

|11| Sound Tools types and their properties

|12| Tuning Forks as scientific, medical & therapy tool

|13| Himalayan bowls history, types & application

|14| Crystal sound tools history and application

|15| All about Gongs

|16| Understanding Intensity levels

+ Practical Cases 1

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LEVEL II | INTERMEDIATE | Expanding into the big picture:

The sound principles will be elaborated into different sub-sections allowing the participants setting the criteria & choosing the most appropriate treatment.

|17| Sound therapy options

|18| Music, notes & using intervals as portals

|19| Principles of harmonic sessions

|20| Understanding the person’s main “issue”

|21| Selection of proper instruments

|22| Types of sessions and their practical application

|23| Resonance and Entrainment in practice

|24| Regulating the heart rate

|25| Setting up the goal or intention

|26| Shamanism

|27| Grounding Vs. Uplifting

|28| Toning, Over-toning, Mantras & use of voice

|29| Sound in yoga

|30| Kids and Sound

|31| Pulse, Rhythm & Tempo

|32| Mallets & Wands & the importance of activation

+ Practical Cases 2

15% Off All Items

LEVEL III | ADVANCED | Integration into real life:

Summing up the theoretical aspects into practice and serving “real life” situations whether in Group Sound meditations or 1 on 1 individual sessions.

|33| Sound-bath & group sound meditations

|34| Structure and step by step session execution

|35| The Hypnotic sound effects

|36| Preparation for the session

|37| Human tuning (resistance reduction)

|38| Pythagoras and the Monochord

|39| Cymatics and Sacred Geometry

|40| Brain Waves & the mind (conscious vs. subconscious)

|41| 432 Vs. 440 Hz theories

|42| Diagnosis with pendulum and tuning forks

|43| Space Cleansing

|44| Basics of acoustics

|45| Lighting, Hydrating, Aroma & Air Conditioning

|46| Home & Field sound recording

|47| Sound toys: (Kochi Bells, Kalimba’s, Ocean & Tongue drum)

|48| Sound massage

+ Practical Cases 3

At the end of this training you’ll receive a colour printed handover for each level and an internationally accredited certificate of completion. There will be a lot of practical exercises: each participant will have the option to be a "giver" and "receiver" thus resulting in a better understanding of the subject and confidence to start facilitating sessions immediately.

With the exception of “Motivation” there are no basic requirements to join the course.

The training is accredited by an internationally renowned and well respected organization of holistic medicine which gives the participants the right not only to perform group and private sessions but also obtain professional insurance that is often required to operate this type of activity legally.

Investment is £850

for full course

Payment in full or payment plans available

You can also join 1 level (1 day) for £300 and level 2 for £300

Option to pay £650 by May with the rest due upon 3 months after course completes.

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