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Robin Manson

Yoga Teacher

As well as teaching yoga, I teach English Language and History at Inverness College, UHI.

I first fell in love with yoga in my twenties when I moved to Seoul in South Korea to live and work. I joined an intensive one-month course (in Korean language) and despite not understanding much of what was said, I followed along as best I could and realised what a joy yoga can be – I was hooked!

I went on to live and work overseas in a number of different countries for about 13 years. I was lucky enough to attend yoga training in places such as Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and New Zealand. I received training from many wonderful teachers and experienced many different styles of yoga.

I returned to Nairnshire, where I grew up, in 2015 and have been teaching yoga here ever since. As someone who was not at all sporty at school, I found yoga to be a non-competitive way of keeping physically active but also enjoyed the mental health benefits it brings. I really enjoy introducing people to yoga and seeing others fall in love with it too.

Robin Manson
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