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Freya Samuel

Yoga Teacher

I am a 200-hour qualified yoga teacher and would love to get back into regular teaching. I teach vinyasa yoga with a strong hatha focus; my classes are suitable for all abilities, and prioritise intentional movement and bodily awareness, working on refining asanas before moving into fun and focused vinyasas. 

I completed a 300-hour yoga teaching qualification in 2020. I trained in traditional Hatha yoga but with ten years’ experience of Vinyasa, my style combines the principals of considered Hatha practise with energetic Vinyasa flows. 

The flow of my classes usually depends on the time of day; for morning classes, we work from laying down asanas, through seated and kneeling asanas, rising to finish with Vinyasa flows to energise the body - I tend to work the other way around for evening classes, allowing participants to unwind and slow down. 

Freya Samuel
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