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Fiona Palmer is the founder of the Highland Yoga Collective.

I have practised yoga for over 25 years to help me find balance in life, my yoga mat is the constant I keep coming back to.  Its teachings have also helped me gain acceptance of a life changing mental health diagnosis and allowed me to live the life I want to lead and not what others expect of me. Over the years my practice has deepened, and I firmly believe that yoga allows practitioners to both nourish and empower themselves. 

We are all unique and yoga embraces that. I love the way yoga in all its myriad forms can still my manic mind or uplift my spirits and allows me to play with my 'edge'. In my classes I endeavour to share my passion for yoga with others, by providing a safe, supportive atmosphere to allow people to develop their yoga practice. 

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Christie Wood is an accredited British Wheel of Yoga teacher

(500 hours – Diploma in Teaching Yoga). 

My own yoga journey has involved many classes, practices and workshops. I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years. My own passions in Yoga lies in working with the seasons and Ayurveda. I love a strong practice but equally (as I get older!) find myself focussing strongly on restorative yoga. I am a huge advocate of meditation and pranayama (breath work) which are foundational aspects of my teachings and own practice. My classes are accessible to all and modifications are offered at all stages.

I am a mum to three children and I know the benefits yoga can bring during this time to a woman’s body pre, and postnatally.

My portfolio includes; regular classes in gyms and community venues, working with Highland Rugby Club as part of their weekly Training Programme, yoga in schools (primary and secondary), 1-2-1 sessions and group settings along with workshops.

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Robin Manson is a Yoga Teacher passionate about spreading the joy of yoga.

At school, I disliked sports and just didn't feel good enough. PE classes only had a negative effect on my confidence and self-esteem. Then in my twenties I found yoga! Yoga taught me that keeping physically fit and strong can be enjoyable and doesn't have to be at all competitive. I also realised how beneficial yoga can be for mental health.

My first real introduction to yoga was attending 90 minute classes every day for a month in Seoul, South Korea...I was hooked! Over time I've been lucky enough to have trained with many amazing yogis in India, Sri Lanka,  Nepal, Malaysia, New Zealand and here in Scotland. 

I moved back to Scotland in 2015 and have been teaching yoga in the Nairn area ever since. I teach different types of yoga for different levels but 'my style' has evolved from the influences of various gurus throughout the years and I owe so much to all of them.

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Anushka Persad is a chartered Physiotherapist who has worked in a variety of settings, mainly with patients who have pain resulting from musculoskeletal issues and patients with neurological problems. 

I have completed a 200hr yoga teaching program and been trained specifically to use yoga to help people who struggle with stress and anxiety. The combination of being a Physiotherapist and a yoga instructor provides me with useful tools in mindfulness, breathing and meditation to work with people who need help coping with stress and anxiety.
My Physiotherapy background helps me explain scientifically why mindfulness, breathing, meditation and exercise help cope with stress.

I am available for virtual consults, and also appointments at the studio (which lends itself to being used as a lovely, private treatment room with space to teach movement). 

Call Anushka on 07940431178 to book a physiotherapy appointment

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Jane Christopherson is a 200 hour Yoga Teacher who trained at Hotpod Yoga and is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Yoga has been my constant over the last 20 years and has seen me change careers from corporate to public sector and change from singleton to married, pregnancy to motherhood.  I love that my practice is different, even when the sequence is the same; it has allowed me to discover my strengths and weaknesses both physically and emotionally and the subtle nature of this means I have always embraced the change and opportunity it has presented to me.  I qualified as a Yoga Teacher in 2020 and am now excited to guide others who want to explore their practice further and entice beginners to return to their mats time and time again.  

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Laura Ross is a Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Fitness Class Instructor with more than a decade of experience, working with various body types, injuries, age groups and conditions. 

 Laura has practised yoga for over 25 years and qualified as a Yoga teacher in Rishikesh, India

“the home of Yoga”. 

Laura is passionate about the mental and physical benefits to be gained through a regular yoga practice.

With her years of experience working as a Personal Trainer and class instructor, she offers a considered and informed class environment.

Modifications and alternative poses are provided for all abilities; using her deep understanding of the human anatomy and experience gained through years of teaching.

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Rachel Martindale is a Yoga Teacher and Pilates Instructor

My passion is nurturing people and helping them to manage the challenges, both physical and mental, that we all face in our daily lives.

After several ashtanga retreats I began regular practice and qualified in 2018 when I started to offer yoga classes in Nairn. In 2019 I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship to attend a life-changing sivananda yoga course in Quebec and this is the school of yoga that I now specialise in.

I pride myself on ‘keeping it real’. My balance and flexibility still isn’t perfect but, working with my class we all progress together and learn to live calmer, more mindful lives that enable us not just to care for and nurture our loved ones, but also to pay attention to ourselves so that we can live our best lives.

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Catherine McCabe is a Yoga Teacher and Pilates Instructor. Catherine taught yoga and Pilates full-time in Skye before moving to Nairn in 2019.

I have practised yoga since the 1980s, initially to manage scoliosis-related back pain, although I quickly discovered yoga also made me feel calmer and happier! I began Pilates in 2003 as part of my rehab following major surgery. I’ve been a teacher in schools and universities since 1993. In 2011, I began training in order to combine my love of teaching, yoga and Pilates. I hold Yoga Scotland’s 500hrs Teaching Diploma, Pilates Union’s CYQ Level 3 Diploma, the BWY Yoga for Pregnancy qualification, and Healing Space certification in teaching Yoga for Cancer. I enjoy developing my skills and knowledge: I’ve also recently trained in Seated Yoga, and in Myofascial release for Pilates. 

Pilates and yoga have had a transformative impact on my own health and wellbeing, so I love to share them with others – particularly those who may have previously assumed it’s not for them. I am passionate about creating an accessible, friendly and safe atmosphere in my classes, so people can progress confidently at the level and pace best for them

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Lindsay Arbuckle is a qualified and insured Sound Healer, with a diploma in Sound Therapy. 

My sound journey began almost 3 years ago now, when I was offered an amazing opportunity to train and deliver Sound Baths in my local area.

I specialise in crystal singing bowls and love the pure crystal-clear harmonic tones produced by the quartz crystal bowls. Through my own journey of discovering the magic of sound I have developed a great deal of wisdom and compassion to help and heal others.

I am passionate about sharing how deeply relaxing and rejuvenating a Sound Bath can be, and hope to help others reach a place of peace, balance and harmony. Sound Baths can create better physical and emotional health. I will be hosting regular Sound Baths at the studio and over Zoom online.

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