For online live streamed classes

You can sign up to our online classes here – make sure that you choose the ‘Online’ class option, rather than the ‘In Studio’ option.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and a link to ‘View Zoom event’ that will take you a webpage with class details and at the bottom of the page, the Zoom link, meeting ID and password.

When it’s time for your class to start, simply follow these instructions, and press ‘Join Zoom meeting’ and you’ll be taken to the class via your Zoom account.

Please note you will need to download zoom to join


Frequently Asked Questions

Will anyone be able to see me?
You can decide if you have your camera on or not.

Will anyone be able to hear me?
No your teacher will mute everyone so that there are no sound disturbances during class.

Can I chat to my teacher?
Yes, your teacher will be online and available five minutes before the start of the class and five minutes after.

How can I maximise my experience of a Zoom Class?
It is best to use a laptop but phones and iPads can also work if you can link to a TV with HDMI or SMART TV. Familiarise yourself with Zoom it’s very easy to use. Please ensure that you have tested audio and Video in Zoom prior to meeting and when entering the room select “join video” and “join audio” to connect to both at the start of the class. Make sure that all notifications that make a sound on your ALL devices are stopped and phones are on airport mode.


Spend some time setting up your device so that there is a view of you, both sitting on your mat and standing, so that you are visible to the teacher during class. To test the view you can just go into a meeting that you create for yourself and see what the screen view would be. This is helpful to do before class so you know how to set up on the day.


In order to be able to see the teacher in full screen (and only thumbnails of all the other attendees), please pin the video of the teacher by clicking on the three dots on the teacher screen – and select “pin screen” this will ensure the teacher only is in full screen and you don’t get rotating visuals of others screens.

What if I’m injured?

If you have any medical issues you may need to check with your GP or another health professional such as a physiotherapist before starting your yoga practice

I'm pregnant, can I attend classes?
We regret we can not accommodate pregnant women at this time. We recommend you attend a pregnancy specific class.

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