In line with Covid-19 Social Distancing Regulations

You must pre-book your space for in-studio classes here. We will not be admitting any walk-in students, so unfortunately you will be turned away if you have not been able to pre-book. This is for the safety of our teachers and students, and to follow Track & Trace guidelines that require pre-class information.

Our studio is always spotlessly clean but we are taking extra precautions and observing strict cleaning regimes. We will be ensuring the studio is regularly cleaned and checked to ensure the highest possible levels of hygiene.  

For everyone's safety the following procedures are in place and should be followed:


Class Arrival 

We are no longer allowed to share equipment, you must bring your own including mats. We would strongly recommend that you purchase your own mat. We have a small number of mats available to hire for beginners and to purchase, please email us at least 24 hours prior to the start of class at: if you would like to hire or purchase a mat.

Please socially distance when entering and exiting the building. You should wear your mask until you have reached your mat and then it can be taken off. It is not recommended that you wear a mask when engaging in physical activity. We are only allowed to let one person in at a time until that person is on their mat we can’t let anyone else in. Please stay 2 metres apart if queuing to enter.


We would like everyone to get in the building as quickly as possible so please turn up ready for class and also about 5 minutes before class. Only one person is allowed in the changing room at a time so it is best if you come ready and just put your bags and coats only in the changing room then people can get into the building as quickly as possible.

Your temperature will be taken contactlessly by the teacher when you arrive. If your temperature is high we will ask you to refrain from coming to class and you will be refunded. Please don’t be annoyed about this if it happens to be you it’s for everyone’s safety.


If it’s normal you will be asked to take your shoes off then to sanitise your hands, either use socks for walking across the yoga space floor, or wipe your feet as well as your hands. 

Wait until given the go ahead to enter. and leave your belongings in the changing room. Place your mat on one of the allocated spaces in the studio. This will be marked out by tape on the floor. When you are on your mat your mask can come off and you should put your mask back on to leave the building or go to the toilet.


During Class

Please stay on your mat during class and ensure social distance between yourself, your fellow students and the teacher. No hands on assists will be offered by any teacher.

If you visit the bathroom, please wear a mask and use the materials provided to wipe down touch points following your bathroom usage.

At the End of Class

When leaving the building we will exit from the back of the room first. Please get your belongings and leave as quickly as possible. Please don’t linger and chat inside the changing rooms or by the shoe racks as you will be stopping others from leaving the building. By all means go outside and chat in a socially distanced manner if you like. After some classes there will be time to chat to one another from your mats and if you want to stay for a chat please do. We will let you know when this is possible.

Finally, please do not come to the studio if you are in anyway unwell and obviously if you are displaying any Covid symptoms. If you have coughs and sniffles related to just a cold it’s better to just do the class at home until you are symptom free.


Please email us at: if you require further assistance.


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